Setting Up A Shared Mailbox as IMAP


You need to setup a shared mailbox as IMAP in Outlook 2016 (possible because you need to setup signatures for each account)


  1. File > Account Settings > Account Settings
  2. New
  3. Shared Mailbox Email Address
  4. Under Advanced Options click on Let Me Set Up My Account Manually
  5. Connect
  6. IMAP
  7. Incoming: (Port 993, Encryption Method SSL/TLS)
  8. Outgoing: (Port 587, Encryption Method STARTTLS)
  9. Next
  10. Password: put in the password of the main user who has access to the Shared Mailbox
  11. In the prompt, put in the address of the main account followed by a slash with the shared alias name (
  12. It’ll then reject the info you put in for the smtp server (, so delete the shared name (