Removing MFA prompts in Office 365


You disable MFA (or dual factor) for the user but it still prompts you to authenticate via phone number or other means.


There are three places to check for MFA, it could very well be that you have to go to all 3 solutions.

  1. Solution 1:
    1. In Admin console, go to Active users
    2. Click on the user
    3. Click on Manage multifactor authentication at the bottom right
    4. Disable the user’s MFA status
  2. Solution 2:
    1. Under Admin Center, click on Azure Active Directory
    2. On the far left, click on Azure Active Directory
    3. Click on Properties (bottom of Manage)
    4. You should be under Tenant properties
    5. At the bottom, click on Manage Security Defaults
    6. Set Enable Security Defaults to No
  3. Solution 3:
    1. Staying in Azure Active Directory, click on Password reset (about 4 options above Properties)
    2. Set the Self service password reset enabled to either None or Selected (and deselect the user)