Issues with QuickBooks and Avast CloudCare


Avast blocks QB communication.


(h/t AC Avast KB)

With the new core version of Cloudcare you may find that Quickbooks is being prevented from functioning correctly. This is the result of an update to how the Firewall functions, and can be resolved by configuring an exclusion.

  1. To resolve this issue log into your Cloudcare Portal and select the affected customer from the drop-down in the upper-left.
  2. Next, from the Devices tab locate an affected device and click the name, then identify which Policy is applied to the affected device.
    • If more than one device is affected, verify if any are using different policies.
  3. Once you have identified which policies are applied to your customers go to the policy tab and select the appropriate policy.
    • If a Master Policy is applied to the customer’s device we recommend creating a copy of that policy and making the following edits to the customer level policy.
  4. Under Antivirus (New) > Exclusions press the Add Exclusion button, then select a File Path as the exclusion type.
  5. Set the file path to “*\Intuit\*”. Then, select the checkbox for All Scans and Shields, then click Save.
    • If the Company/User files for Quickbooks are saved in a location that does not match the file path above you may also need to add a second file path exclusion for the path where the user’s save files are located. Keep in mind that our exclusions now use wildcards such as *, so the exclusion shown above will exclude all files and executables from being scanned within any folder named Intuit.
  6. Finally, click the Save & Apply to Customers button at the top-right of the screen.
    • If you created a new policy, press the Assign Devices button in the top-left and click and drag the required devices from their current policy to the correct policy.