OneDrive – Giving someone access to someone else’s OneDrive


You want to give someone access to another user’s OneDrive


  1. Sign in to the admin center as a global admin or SharePoint admin.If you get a message that you don’t have permission to access the admin center, then you don’t have administrator permissions in your organization.
  2. In the left pane, select Admin centers > SharePoint. (You might need to select Show all to see the list of admin centers.)
  3. If the classic SharePoint admin center appears, select Open it now at the top of the page to open the SharePoint admin center.
  4. In the left pane, select More features.
  5. Under User profiles, select Open.
  6. Under People, select Manage User Profiles.
  7. Enter the former employee’s name and select Find.
  8. Right-click the user, and then choose Manage site collection owners.
  9. Add the user to Site collection administrators and select OK.
  10. The user will now be able to access the former employee’s OneDrive using the OneDrive URL.

Creating a link to OneDrive

  1. Go into the Admin Console
  2. Select the user
  3. Click on OneDrive
  4. Click on Create Link