Outlook 2011 (Mac) connecting to Exchange 2007/2010 downloads emails but nothing shows


– Emails are downloading to Outlook 2011 client but absolutely nothing shows up.

– You run Test-OutlookWebServices in EMC on the Exchange server and you get error 1013 and 1017. Funny enough, the error still shows after the fix.

– You go to Microsoft’s Remote Connectivity Analyzer website and you get tons of Autodiscover issues

– You check the Autodiscover in EMC and everything matches up (both the external and internal should be the same)

– You’re yanking out your hair and frustrated to no end


The solution comes completely out of left field. Turns out, when you install Exchange SP2, a registry entry becomes corrupted.


So, I know the solution states that it deals with BIS but it worked for me. The critical part is that you have to reboot the server. This solution would’ve saved me hours. Nonetheless, a quick copy/paste, from the kb above:

Use the following steps to resolve the issue for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 (Windows 2008 R2 is not included):

Verify the problem:

After upgrading Exchange Server 2007 to Service Pack 2, Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) devices cannot receive email.  These devices can send and synchronize Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and other personal information management (PIM) items, but cannot receive emails.   No errors occur in Exchange Server for the Exchange Web Services or the Blackberry environment.

However, upon examination, you find the following:

  1. The W3SVC log for IIS displays an HTTP/500 on the GetItem SOAP call to the path /EWS/Exchange.asmx
  2. Performance Counters are corrupted

To verify the Performance Counters, examine the data in the Counter value, found in the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Perflib\009

When viewing the Counter value in Regedit, in the Explorer view, the text in the Data column of a normal entry should appears as follows:

1 1847 2 System 4 Memory 6 % Processor Time…

When corrupted, you will typically see a large amount of white space on the line and in an export of the key.  The value may even be blank.

Fix the bloody problem:

  1. Launch the Windows Command Prompt (cmd), ensure that you run the Command Prompt as the Administrator.  For example, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right click Command Prompt and click Run As Administrator.
  2. Change Directory to <root drive>\Windows\System32, the root drive is typically C:.  Run the following command
    lodctr /R
    This will restore the base or core counters
  3. Check the registry value under HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Perflib/009 and ensure that the value Counter is no longer corrupted.
  4. In the Command Prompt window, run the following command:
    wmiadap /f
    This will force the reload of all counters in to the WMI repository.
  5. Open Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) and click the green + to Add, this will open Add Counters. Verify that the MSExchange counters exist and have Instances populated.
  6. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Server computer.
    NOTE: This step is required.