Welcome to my blog. This is a technical blog about computer stuff. I will be posting problems and solutions as I see fit on whatever strikes my fancy. Somethings will be random but usually most posts will be taken from experiences that I or my team have experienced.

So who am I? I’m the CTO of a Toronto based technology company. My name is Michael Fin and I’ve been in the industry for about 15 years. My company is called MIT Consulting and we are a full service and solutions provider. Our services include network analysis, hardware sales (we are authorized Lenovo, Dell, HP, IBM etc.), software sales (Microsoft, Symantec etc.), charity and school authorized, move management among other services. We also provide implementation, configuration and take-over services.

A little bit about me personally, when I’m not techie’ing, I’m an avid runner (shout out to my running crew), a dragon-boater (yo Smoke on the Water) and all around fitness nut.

So, come by, enjoy the blogs, have some coffee and maybe learn something… Or not!